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Genuineness Verification
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Genuineness Verification

Some Universities/Employers may ask for the Genuineness Verification of the Mark lists/Grade Cards/Certificates issued by the University.  

  • Genuineness Verification is a mode of ensuring the genuineness of the documents issued from the University. Photocopies of the documents submitted will be verified and the attested documents (along with necessary certification) will be forwarded to the address specified in the application in a sealed envelope. 
  • The application can be submitted either by the candidate himself or by the employer/ verification agency.
  • Attach the copies of documents to be verified and forwarded. Only the Photocopies of the documents shall be attached. The copies must be legible without having any attestation/ marking. Ensure that sufficient numbers of copies of the documents are attached including personal copy (if opted).
  • Pay the required fee using online payment method, under the purpose code –GV001-Gennuiness Verification. Payment can also be made through Akshaya Centres, FRIENDS Jana Sevana Kendras and University challan counter.
  • In case the applicant requires the documents in respect of more than one courses to be forwarded together to a single address : Remit fee separately (except postage charges) and submit separate applications for each course. Remit postage charges along with the fee for the course which completed last from the University. Enclose a request along with each application, mentioning :  (1)- name of all courses for which you have applied for the genuineness verification, (2)- name of the courses along with the postage charge has been remitted (indicate challan details also) and (3)- request to forward all the documents in a single address.  Attach one set of specific forwarding letter along with each application, if any, as may be stipulated by the agency seeking verification.
  • Postage charge (as applicable to India) shall be remitted, if personal copy is opted. No any additional fee is required to be remitted for personal copy. Personal copy alone cannot be requested.
  • The application shall be forwarded to:  The Controller of Examinations, University of Calicut, Calicut University (Post), Malappuram district, Kerala-673 635
  • The total fee to be remitted by the applicant includes – Fee per document + Search Fee as applicable + Postage charge to the destination country + Postage charge for personal copy .
  • For postage charges, please see the attachment on the top right hand side .

Details of Fee applicable

For all documents (except detailed consolidated Marklist of B.Tech.) :Rs.1740/-

Detailed consolidated Marklist of B.Tech : Rs. 2320/-

Search fee up to 3 years of passing the course - Rs.240/-

Between 3 and 10 years  of passing the course : 470/-

After 10 years  of passing the course : 875/-

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